Welcome to my World of Warcraft aka WoW blog.

So a little about the guy who reckons he controls me with his PC, he has pretty much an 80 of everything, this includes two 80 Hunters (Dwarf/Orc), 80 Paladin, 80 Druid, 80 Warlock, 80, Deathknight, 80 Priest (transferred to his otheraccount), two Mages (75/63 transferred to his other account), 70 Shaman (was first 70 Dren on Shu’Halo now transferred to his GF’s account) and a Rogue (68), he did have a 3rd account which had a 76 Warlock, 73 Warrior, 70 Druid and a 60 Mage but he no longer use.

As you can see the leveling is no issue for him apparently (so he says), he has only used RAF on the 63 Mage as he was trying to make into a “No Achievement Mage” but was kind of beaten to that recently by Neverdie.

He finds the game lacks challenges for him and he can’t be bothered raiding 3 to 5 hours a night (weak!) and more on weekends (he has already done high end raiding since his time in game since beta (cry moar))

So he decided to go with a new Warrior, his initial plan was to go to 80 by PvP without any PvE kills but unfortunately you need to be level 10 first, so he used RAF to get me my first 10 levels (I don’t really remember that), never hit a monster, never did a quest, as he was about to pass me the 10th level he had to get one more kill with his other account, unfortunately he killed the enemy while still in party with me (he had just used the RAF to summon me and didn’t leave group), so now I have one kill, from this point on it’s “just one PvE kill” so what better name to call my guild “Just One PvE Kill” and to match it I shall now call myself “Notevilenuff” (I’m sure some will get the spy that shagged me reference)

I’m not interested in the whole “get a life dude” or “you suck” or the standard lame flaming, so if you come in here for that I won’t be replying as in my own defense, I do have a life, I have a GF (of course she’s a Blood elf), I own my own farm, I hold a steady job killing alliance and still have the mates over for mead and kick the gnome, as well as head out now and then for dinner, drinks, cow pushing etc etc.

More about him….he plays WoW after work when he has some down time, on weekends when his GF isn’t round, as well as occasionally playing with my GF (WoW and the likes).


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